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Welcome to the world of Spiriti Artigiani, a symbol of Italian liquor craftsmanship blending the mastery of ancient infusion and distillation traditions with revolutionary ideas. Each of our products, presented with a modern touch, pays homage to the rich heritage and diversity of our land of origin.

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Quality and Innovation: The Essence of Our Artisan Spirits

At Spiriti Artigiani, each product is a celebration of Italian heritage, rich in history and culture. From the 'Spirito delle Dolomiti' Amaro to the 'Not another Vermut' Vermouth, every creation is a testament to artisanal excellence. Our range is ever-expanding, with new products soon to join, all upholding our commitment to quality and innovation.

Our philosophy is grounded in the meticulous selection of raw materials, careful processing, and a passion for detail. We honor ancient infusion and distillation traditions while adding a contemporary touch that makes each sip a unique experience. This vision is encapsulated in our modern and appealing packaging, which tells the story of each beverage, inviting you on a sensory journey of taste and aroma.

Spiriti Artigiani transcends being merely a liquor producer; it's a tribute to the rich Italian heritage and its spirit of inspiration and innovation. Each bottle encapsulates a piece of Italy, offering not just exquisite taste but also a glimpse into the beauty and traditions of our country.


A reinterpretation for a sip of pure refinement

Bold reinterpretation of a timeless classic

The unexpected Spritz with 'NAV'

A breath of the mountains: the sparkling encounter

Innovation and tradition intertwined

The Essence of Modern Design


Exclusive selection of authentic botanicals, used through careful maceration, to guarantee a pure and refined taste in each of our creations.


Each bottle is a masterpiece of sustainable design, reflecting our commitment to the environment and our passion for renewing the tradition of Italian spirits.


With 15 years of experience, we deeply understand international markets, developing targeted products for different segments, each a unique example of excellence.


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Amaro Spirit of the Dolomites

Savor the magic of the Dolomites. Discover our exclusive Amaro, a sensorial journey among the Alpine peaks.


Vermouth Not another Vermouth

Explore the elegance of Vermouth. Perfect for a refined aperitif or an innovative cocktail.


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